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Garapa Sea Point with pergola
Garapa Sea Point with pergola

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Garapa Deck
Garapa Deck

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Composite cladding brown7_Decks4Life CC.
Composite cladding brown7_Decks4Life CC.

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Garapa Sea Point with pergola
Garapa Sea Point with pergola

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Composite Decking is manufactured using the following raw materials:

Wood Flour

Recycled wood, a bi-product from timber manufacturing processes, in the form of chipping, sawdust etc. is ground into a fine powder or Flour.

HDPE Plastics, resins & colourants

A ‘pellet’ combining the plastic, colour & resin content.


The Production Process


Wood Flour and the plastic pellets are loaded into a Compounder or Blender. The 2 Raw Materials are compounded & compressed into the form shown in the image above.

This mixture (+- 65% wood flour) is heated to the correct temperature for the extrusion process. Now that the mixture is in a liquid form, it is injected into the die which forms the shape of the product.

As the new shape is extruded from the die, it is cooled.  This continuous length moves towards a cut off saw where it is cut to more standard sizes.

Boards are brushed or embossed for a natural finish.

Installing a deck in your home can change the look and feel of your outdoor area dramatically. It can also become less of a maintenance concern than keeping your grass green in the tough summer climate in South Africa. 

Westland offer a wide range of decking options from hardwood to composite. Our decking professionals will help you make the right choice for your application. 

All our hardwood is sustainably sourced and some of our composite options are made from recycled by-products. 


• Balau
• Garapa
• Massaranduba
• Jatoba

• Jarrah

• Purple Heart



• Envirodeck
• Eva-Last

What is Environmentally Friendly Decking?


For decking to be described as being environmentally friendly it must be produced in such a way that it does not have a negative impact on the environment. This means that the wood must come from a sustainable source, that the production process uses the minimum of energy and that materials are recycled where appropriate. Decking is traditionally made of wood, therefore it is very important to check that your decking supplier/installer have a policy regarding the supply of wood from sustainable sources.


Westland is passionate about timber but we also respect our environment and do not support any companies that have no respect for the future of our planet.