Commercial Awning Options

A Tensile Structure is a term used for the construction of roofs using a membrane held in place on steel cables. Tensile Structures work well under stress, they are easily pre-fabricated, can cover large spans, and are malleable. There are three different main classifications of tensile construction systems: 

  • Membrane tensioned structures

  • Mesh tensioned

  • Pneumatic structures


Westland offers Membrane Tensioned Structures, using a small amount of canvas that is stretched and held by steel cables allowing the distribution of the tensile stresses through its own form. Structurally, the system is formalised by combining three elements: canvas membranes, rigid structures such as poles, masts, and cables. The membranes of PVC-coated polyester fibres have greater ease in factory production and installation; lower cost; and durability of around 10-years. 


Tensile Membrane Tensioned Structures are predominantly used for:

  • Industrial and Agroindustrial Construction

  • Transportation Stations

  • Parking 

  • Sports Centres

  • Arenas

  • Market Places


The excellent strength of the architectural membrane matched by its lightweight and flexibility allow tent structures to withstand heavy loads with minimal use of building material.

For larger based projects please contact Westland and our sales team will be able to guide you in deciding what option will work best for your area. 

Our project engineer then creates a geometric model based on using the tensile wind load analysis software tools. Our project engineer then validates the products based on the simulation results. After optimisation, the product design is assessed to ensure the product will withstand the desired wind loads. We generate a full wind load response video as well as a detailed Finite Element Analysis Report. 

Our project engineer can extrapolate information based on terrain, shielding and air pressure (altitude) to ensure the most economical structure is offered for the desired wind load, location or market.

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